International Projects

European Success for the UOC's First Spinoff Company

Barcelona (E), April 2014 - In its first few months, Open Evidence, the first spinoff company to emanate from the Universitat Oberta de Catalunya (UOC), has been commissioned to undertake major projects by prestigious organizations and institutions such as the European Commission, the government of Italy, and the Jaume Bofill Foundation.

Formed by a team of lecturers, researchers, and consultants with over twenty years of experience, the company offers consulting services and conducts socioeconomic and techno-scientific research in the areas of health, welfare, consumption, public policy, and innovation.

According to the UOC lecturer and founding partner of Open Evidence, Francisco Lupiáñez, "Our work is based on rigorous and robust research from an analytical point of view, while maintaining the flexibility and application of results for decision making. By networking with universities and consultants, we work with the best professionals and are in a position to offer high-quality and high added-value services."

Major international projects

Since its creation less than a year ago, Open Evidence has undertaken major commissions for public and private entities, including the European Commission and the Italian Ministry of Economic Development.

One of the most important projects carried out by the company's professionals is the study for the European Commission on eHealth, which analyses the use of ICTs by over 9,000 family doctors in 31 European countries. The research highlights the state of electronic health (eHealth) in Europe, an area in which Spain is above the European average.

Among other projects, the company is currently conducting a study that is soon to be presented on the effectiveness of tobacco labelling and another investigation that examines how the labelling of environmentally friendly vehicles affects the process of consumers decision making in regard to purchasing. Furthermore, Open Evidence has recently won a European tender to analyse and provide recommendations on the relationship between online gambling, advertising, and minors.

Another project carried out by Open Evidence for the European Union is European Data Market, a study that examines the emerging data market, which is opening up new business models worldwide. Research involves assessing technological needs and the tools available on the Internet, as well as developing a platform for analysing this information.

Experts from the UOC have also developed an evaluation and feasibility study of an online community of entrepreneurs promoted by the Italian Ministry of Economic Development.

The Birth of Open Evidence

The company's offices, which opened in June 2013, are located in the Barcelona Growth Centre building in Barcelona's 22@ district. The UOC's Research and Transfer Support  Office (OSRT) has been in charge of accompanying the Open Evidence team throughout the creative process, in line with its goal to encourage initiatives that drive the University's R&D knowledge transfer.

Open Evidence works with transparent and open designs, research, and methodologies for its clients and the entire community of researchers and professionals by means of consultation and validation processes. This services company examines the inner workings of complex empirical models to ensure that the results of the analysis of the data and responses that these models produce are easy to use and can be understood by, and useful for, a wide range of professionals.