Make a Real Difference

AI in Learning - Donald Clark at LTSF 2018
London (UK), July 2018 - At his session at the recent Learning Technologies Summer Forum, Donald Clark pointed to examples of the application of artificial intelligence in learning. He also raised questions for the learning community about using AI to dramatically reduce eLearning development costs and improve access to learning.

WildFire is an AI-enabled content creation tool developed by Donald Clark that uses voice and natural language in its interface. "You can do the whole eLearning experience just by speaking to it; all of the navigation - front, back, next - creates eLearning in minutes," he explained.

Donald went on to criticise the learning community's reliance on expensive ways to develop eLearning and challenged the community to embrace AI.

Asked about whether AI is best suited to large companies with large sums to invest, Donald explained that smaller, innovative suppliers, by cherry-picking suitable elements of AI - such as making basic content and voice and face recognition - could make a real difference.

In concluding, Donald turned his attention to explaining that AI has the potential to be a "human good" in the world and seeking to alleviate fears about AI's use for military purposes.

"Of all the areas of human endeavour that would benefit from AI, learning is the one that would benefit the most," explained Clark.

The Learning Technologies Summer Forum took place 12 June in London.