On-Demand Webinar

Effective Sales Negotiation Critical for Preserving Margins in 2023

London (UK), June 2023 - Imparta's new on-demand webinar, "Sales Negotiation: How to Win in 2023," addresses the challenges posed by inflation, as businesses strive for discounts and flexible payment terms. Led by industry experts Richard Barkey and Jonas Olsson, the webinar covers crucial topics such as types of negotiators, understanding procurement, capturing and creating value, and disarming powerful procurement tactics.

In a poll, participants acknowledged that poor negotiation skills led to a loss of over 5% in price, highlighting the potential for a 50% profit improvement through enhanced skills.

Inflation continues to pose a significant challenge for businesses, as customers become laser focused on securing discounts, favourable payment terms, and supply chain flexibility. During sales negotiations, the way in which a salesperson responds to customer requests for concessions plays a pivotal role in the entire negotiation process, with a disproportionate impact on profit margins.

Recognising the criticality of effective sales negotiation skills, Imparta, a global leader in performance improvement for customer-facing teams, has launched a new on-demand webinar, "Sales Negotiation: How to Win in 2023".

The webinar features Richard Barkey, Founder and CEO of Imparta, alongside Jonas Olsson, a seasoned expert in procurement who formerly served as Chief Purchase Officer (CPO) with responsibility for an annual spend of €2Bn and 150 buyers.

During the webinar, participants indicated that poor sales negotiation led to an average of more than 5% of price being left on the table. That means a company with a 10% net profit margin could improve profits by 50% just through improved negotiation skills.

The webinar covers a range of vital topics, providing invaluable knowledge and practical guidance around

  1. the eight types of sales negotiators, and which types you definitely don't want to be
  2. understanding procurement teams- who they are, and what they really care about
  3. capturing value - the zone of potential agreement in a negotiation, the vital importance of the alternatives available to each party, and how to tip the balance in your favour, especially when asking for price increases
  4. creating value - how to mine for negotiation interests and trade gives and gets to create value for both sides
  5. understanding, anticipating, and disarming the five most powerful techniques that procurement teams use to extract discounts
  6. how to build and maintain a comprehensive sales negotiation capability across the whole team

The webinar is a rare opportunity to learn from industry thought leaders and gain practical insights that can immediately be implemented in your sales organisation. Whether you are a sales leader, manager, or professional, this webinar is crucial for those seeking to achieve superior results and drive growth in 2023.