Trends and Innovations

Exploring eLearning 2018 - A Great Learning Experience

MilanoMilan (I), April 2018 - The third edition of exploring eLearning, to be held in Milan 06-07 June 2018, is fast approaching! This edition is another stage of the journey, begun in 2015, that involved over 800 trainers from 300 large Italian and multinational organisations, pointing to a worldwide eLearning vision based on our international experience.

The first edition of 2015 was dedicated to 36 topics of innovation in eLearning training; the 2016 edition focused on the 7 most important trends in digital innovation.

Exploring eLearning is primarily an exclusive training opportunity for business training and professionals from the HR world. It is a unique opportunity to be inspired, for oneself, in one's own work, and in collaborations with others, and to grasp the current trends and innovations. It is an opportunity for good practice exchange and benchmarking between business colleagues in a collective design lab.

At Exploring eLearning we talk about innovation by practising it. There are no speakers and passive participants as in a classic conference, or roundtables, but rather total interactive immersion in laboratories, cases, and comparisons. An authoritative Scientific Committee of prestigious Italian and foreign universities and over 50 corporate Academies will present their own cases and are contributing to the planning and management of the event.

Exploring eLearning 2018 breaks new ground with important innovations, not only in the programme and concepts presented, but also in the format and location: we will be hosted in the Cavallerizze, an antique but imaginatively restructured venue located in the heart of Milan.

With the third edition, the frontiers of digital learning are being extended to offer a holistic vision of the learning experience in its entirety. Exploration crosses new boundaries, from informal learning to interactive classrooms, from training on the job to artificial intelligence and mixed reality: a journey to co-design blended architectures capable of facilitating and nurturing the training of people in continuous learning, with diversified needs, methods, contexts, and timescales.