Hannover Messe 2023

The Industrial Metaverse at Your Fingertips

Hannover (GER), April 2023 - At the booth of Fraunhofer-Gesellschaft (Hall 16, A12) at Hannover Messe (17-23 April 2023), Fraunhofer FIT will provide insights into the industrial metaverse. The demonstrator for remote maintenance and training in mechanical engineering and production uses high-speed wireless Internet, remote rendering of CAD data, and mobile mixed reality / virtual reality headsets. The system is being implemented and tested in a real-life setting in the 5G Troisdorf IndustrieStadtpark project.

The industrial metaverse promises a range of benefits for manufacturing companies. As an example, experts see great potential for assistance systems in production, maintenance, or logistics. Companies can streamline their production processes and increase their efficiency by networking production facilities, machines, and workers. Benefits also include better utilization of resources and reductions in downtime that lead to cost savings and an improved eco-balance through less travel.

"Decision-makers in many companies do not yet fully understand which immersive technologies offer real benefits - even today. We invite them to learn about the industrial metaverse at our booth and to get a first-hand impression of its potential benefits," says Dr. Leif Oppermann from the Fraunhofer Institute for Applied Information Technology FIT.

We demonstrate the remote maintenance and training applications for mechanical engineering / manufacturing developed in the 5G Troisdorf IndustrieStadtpark project. They are based on 5G wireless internet, remote rendering of CAD data, as well as mobile mixed reality / virtual reality headsets.

The presentations focus on a machine that is part of the production line at Kuraray Europe in Troisdorf and its digital twin. We show how images representing the machine's digital design data are precisely superimposed on the operator's field of vision in their headset and enriched with additional information. Avatars, pointing gestures, direct manipulation, as well as audio and video communication are available to support the communication between the operators and, e.g. remote instructors or maintenance experts using the machine's digital twin.

This makes it possible to run, for example, distributed training sessions for machine operation and maintenance, including lively virtual discussions between the operators and a service desk.