Case Study

RAW eLearning Made Simpler, Easier, and More Flexible

Glasgow (SCO), March 2016 - RAW Technology Ltd, a company providing spill response, remediation, and specialist environmental services, is seeing a number of benefits from using the Create eLearning learning-management system (LMS). According to Justin Price, a health and safety advisor whose responsibilities include delivering in-house training courses for RAW as well as acting as learning-system administrator, “Since making learning materials available via the LMS, we’ve noticed an immediate and appreciable reduction in our training-related travel and subsistence costs."

“Moreover, we can now keep a closer eye the learning activities of each of our 130 or so staff. So, for example, we are able to see who has not commenced the training courses, which allows us to follow up with them; who is currently undertaking each module; and who has completed what training programme, all in real time – and that’s important, not least from a compliance and regulatory standpoint.

“We’re finding that the system itself is extremely user friendly, and we’re already seeing opportunities for increasing the system’s scope and contents.”

Justin and his colleagues carried out extensive research into the LMSs available before settling on the LMS from Create eLearning.

“The Create eLearning platform is highly flexible, catering excellently for our existing training programmes and learning materials,” Justin explained. “It provides exactly what we want from an LMS and gives us a much easier way to track the usage of the learning materials. The course administration is a great deal easier - and produces more valuable user data - than the old Excel-driven system.”

Create eLearning’s LMS is a hybrid platform that caters for coaching, mentoring, online, and face-to-face training and learning. Moreover, users can configure it to deliver learning materials anywhere in the world, in any language, and on any delivery device.