Learning Culture with the Best: Allianz, Lufthansa, and DHL

tts-ForumHeidelberg (GER), April 2016 - One of Germany’s largest eLearning vendors, tts, is bringing famous companies together and inviting its own customers and interested parties to the annual tts Forum 2016 at the Heidelberg Print Academy. With several hundred participants, thirteen speakers and nine exciting best-practice presentations, the tts Forum, now in its twelfth year, is once again offering various perspectives on digital learning at a diverse range of medium-sized and international enterprises. This year’s tts Forum takes place under the motto “Turn knowledge into workplace performance” and is oriented towards personnel-development officers, HR IT professionals, leadership teams, and vocational-training experts and practitioners.

Extraordinary projects – and their extraordinary “doers”

What do other companies do, which solutions do they deploy for corporate learning at fixed or mobile workplaces, and what performance improvements can be expected? Participants will get insights into the best-practice solutions at well-known companies, such as the challenge to train 10,000 employees in a new system and to qualify them on an ongoing basis into the future – this is the topic to be presented by Michael Skala from ALLIANZ. And how do you tackle digital learning when the workplace is mobile and international? Christian Allekotte of DHL will address this interesting challenge. Participants at the Forum can also join LUFTHANSA on a journey into the SAP SuccessFactors Cloud, profiting from the company’s experiences throughout its comprehensive implementation.

Keynote on digitalization by thought leader Prof. Gunter Dueck

The tts Forum will commence in just a couple of weeks at 10 a.m. with a presentation by innovation manager and mathematician Prof. Gunter Dueck on the subject, “Industry 4.0 – what innovation is doing to our work”. He will show us, with breathtaking logic, the innovations that are being driven by the almost unlimited networking of people, events, and objects (the Internet of Things) and how companies can prepare for these. The day will end with the presentation of the WiT Award, which this year goes to AXA Winterthur for its “(R)Evolution from learning to working”.

Both of the accompanying events, “SAP Learning Solution Innovation Day“ and “tts User Group 2016” will likewise take place in the Heidelberg Print Media Academy. While most of the day will focus on successes, the latter will also take an honest look at failures: after all, you can learn from “flops” as well as “tops”!