Create eLearning

Align Technology Smile at Online Learning Success

Amsterdam (NL), April 2016 - When Align Technology, a global medical-device company, wanted to continue to develop the clinical knowledge of its various teams throughout Europe, it realized that it needed a blend of classroom-delivered and online-delivered learning materials. This, in turn, led it to look for an up-to-date, 21st-century online-learning-authoring environment connected to a learning- management system (LMS).

According to Rob MacDonald, a Clinical Sales Trainer based at Align Technology’s European headquarters in Amsterdam, “When measured against each of our criteria, we found that Create eLearning’s products – especially in terms of authoring tools - consistently came in the top two or three positions. Competing products didn’t match that consistency.”

Within six months of engaging with Create eLearning, Align Technology’s 45 or so online courses had been produced – and published - in English, French, Italian, German and Spanish. Rob said, “One of the benefits we’ve found with the Create eLearning platform is that it can easily cope with presenting the same material in different languages.

“Our 450 or so employees throughout the UK, France, Germany, Spain, Italy, Eastern Europe, and the Nordic countries have access to these up-to-date, interactive online learning materials. They can access them via any device – from a mobile phone to a desktop computer – and their results are seamlessly uploaded to the company’s main LMS for recording and analysis.”

According to Rob, “The results are fantastic. Since the new Create eLearning-developed online learning materials were introduced, we’ve seen a distinct improvement in usage rates and in learner achievement.

“There’s no doubt that Create eLearning’s ability to make the online learning materials available in a range of local languages, as well as being able to inject greater interactivity into these materials, has made an enormous difference to the learners’ performance,” Rob commented.