Worlddidac Association

Speexx Wins Worlddidac for Its "Perfect Blend"

Munich (GER), November 2016 - Speexx, a leading online language-training provider, has been honoured by the Worlddidac Association for the sixth consecutive time for innovative solutions in the Blended Learning category. The award ceremony, sponsored by telecommunications provider Swisscom, took place in Bern, Switzerland. 

Every two years since 1984, the Worlddidac Association has selected its winners for innovative products and solutions in the education industry. With its top-class expert jury, the Worlddidac Award is one of the most relevant educational awards worldwide. Speexx first received the Worlddidac Award in 2006. One of the novelties of the nomination and selection process 2016 was that the public could also vote online for their favourites, complementing the expert jury opinion. 

"We are very proud to have won this prestigious award for the sixth time in a row," said Armin Hopp, founder and CEO of Speexx. "The award shows that for over ten years, Speexx has managed to provide relevant solutions in a very competitive environment. And we will continue to do so." 

Speexx solutions have already been honoured with over 200 international awards.