Supported through Donation

Facilitating Refugees’ Access to Language Training

Munich (GER), September 2017 - Speexx, a global specialist in online corporate language training, is supporting NetHope’s Project Reconnect with a donation of Speexx language courses for refugee users, valued at €30,000. Project Reconnect aims to help refugees in Germany rebuild their lives by facilitating access to education and information resources on the web. 

With support from, NetHope donated Chromebook grants to fifty non-profit organizations working with refugees in Germany. These Project Reconnect grantees make the laptops available and accessible at public libraries, adult-education centers, community and youth centers, and other education facilities throughout Germany.

Vital components of the support program are vocational and language training. Speexx provides access to cloud-based language-training courses. The training courses can be accessed by learners to improve their knowledge of the German language, grammar, and vocabulary, and to prepare for job interviews and on-the-job interactions.

Several Project Reconnect grantees have commenced introductions to the Speexx language program in order for them to fully support the learners during the initial stages of the program.