eBook Covers the Whole Nine Yards of Mobile LMS

Pune (IN), November 2017 - Mobile learning today is no longer just a "good to have". It is, rather, an essential part of the workplace, given the technological innovations, new learning models, lower adoption cost of mobile devices, and the multi-device boom that have succeeded in bringing the mobile-first approach to the fore. And it's not just the content that's mobile; it's the whole nine yards of mobile learning, including the delivery too! It is this latter bit, however, that remains to be uncovered and understood by all.

To address this gap, UpsideLMS's Director, Amit Gautam, has distilled his 16+ years of experience in tech-enabled learning and serving businesses worldwide into an insightful eBook entitled Mobile Learning: The LMS Perspective. Covering the basics of mobile learning, the eBook delves into the delivery aspect, dishing out the numerous benefits and features of these app-based ecosystems that enable learning in offline (no internet) mode, too.

Key topics include

  • the what, why, and how of mobile learning
  • nine reasons every corporate L&D strategy needs mobile learning
  • the dawn of the mobile LMS
  • benefits of a mobile LMS

"For organizations looking to provide learning on the go, a mobile LMS is actually a godsend. It can help a company save valuable time, while providing anytime, anywhere learning solutions to meet its L&D goals and enhance knowledge of its employees - without burning a hole in the pocket! This app-based ecosystem with ‘offline-mode' capability can make learning truly mobile", said Amit.