Release of Native Apps

UpsideLMS Strengthens Its Mobility Game

Pune (IN), June 2018 - UpsideLMS, a multi-device responsive learning management system, has now released native mobile apps for iOS and Android to provide an enhanced and seamless learning experience to its users. 

According to US Digital Users: The eMarketer Forecast for 2017, As smartphones and data plans become more affordable than ever, they are positioned to become the default device for internet access. The number of these mobile-only users will see steady growth over the next few years, reaching 52.3 million in 2021.” To corporate workplaces, this means equipping their L&D teams with learn-tech solutions that are mobile-centric and available to the learners whenever and wherever needed. This thought is echoed by UpsideLMS, a world leader in LMSs and a provider of technology-enabled solutions.

As a latest feature addition to its feature-rich, multi-award-winning learning management system, UpsideLMS extends its superlative user experience (UX) on mobile devices through its apps for iOS and Android. This is in addition to UpsideLMS' multi-device, responsive learner side, which makes online, formal, and social/ informal learning available to all learners anytime, anywhere at their fingertips. Both the mobile apps and the responsive platform will be a part of UpsideLMS's standard deliverables.

Some of the key features of UpsideLMS's mobile app are

  • Secure mobile apps for iOS and Android
    UpsideLMS Mobile with its one-time, expirable, verification code-based user authentication, ensures that the training data is secured at all times.
  • Continuous and seamless “on the go” learning
    With UpsideLMS, learners can go back and forth between desktops/ laptops/ smartphones/ tablets, each time seamlessly picking up from where they last left.
  • Complete tracking and reporting
    UpsideLMS tracks all training activities for all learners, which can be drawn in the form of reports for analysis and business intelligence.
  • Custom branding
    UpsideLMS mobile app can be custom branded to reflect not just the company logo but the overall branding, too.
  • More than "Formal" Training
    Apart from access to eLearning, assessments, surveys, reference documents, and other "formal" training modes, learners can collaborate, share, and learn from peers, subordinates, and seniors alike through UpsideLMS's social learning and knowledge collaboration modules.

Amit Gautam, Director, UpsideLMS and co-founder of Upside Learning, said, "UpsideLMS mobile apps take UpsideLMS, the learning management system, a whole notch higher. To businesses, it means easy deliverability of training in the form of eLearning, assessments, surveys, reference documents, and other formal and informal or social training modes to your employees. And to your learners, it means complete flexibility in accessing learning or training whenever needed and wherever needed. This is true mobility!"