Learn Appeal

Initiative to take Global Access to Learning to the next Level

London (UK), April 2019 - Learn Appeal, an eLearning charity, has announced the launch of a new initiative that will help take access to learning to new heights around the world. Following successful pilot programmes in the UK and Africa, the charity aims to provide courses and resources to disconnected people, who make up over 90% of the population in some of its affected communities.

With 70+ specially commissioned courses now either live on the unique Learn Appeal Capsule, or currently in development, the demand for offline courses is clear. At Learning Technologies 2019, Eric Kimori of Complitkenya told the Chairman, Donald H Taylor, how the Capsule is helping skills development across his region of Kenya. Just one teacher who has had access to the free eLearning has since used her new skills to train over 1,000 local school children. Hear more in the video kindly created by Closer Still and edited by volunteers at See Learning. 

To help further spread this access to learning, Learn Appeal will be applying for significant grant funding; however, to do this the charity needs additional input and support from experts in sourcing grants and writing successful bids. To this end, this new initiative will directly raise money for additional expertise and consultancy in this area.

Jonathan Satchell, Chairman of the Board of Trustees for Learn Appeal, said, "We are currently a small charity with volunteer-led resources, but we have global potential to help disconnected communities all over the world. To achieve this, however, we need to grow.  Whilst targets have been set by the United Nations, a recent report from the Alliance for Affordable Internet clearly highlights that - for the first time ever - there has been a downturn."

He continued, "Learn Appeal courses currently available specifically address 12 out of the 17 United Nations Sustainable Development Goals, and the work our team has already achieved is groundbreaking.  However, we need additional support that will enable us to both identify and secure significant funding to take the work we are doing to the next level. It would be fantastic if there are consultants out there who are expert in this field and could donate their time. But to achieve this goal, we realise there are also costs involved, so we need your donations."

Following Learning Technologies 2019, Donald H Taylor commented, "By working together on Learn Appeal, we have made a great start. Now it’s time to step up a gear to achieve a common goal and show the world that the eLearning community can make a difference to the lives of the disconnected and disadvantaged!"