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Kids at Home Benefit From Free Digital Online Learning

Ardmore, PA (USA) / Hilversum (NL), April 2020 - The e-Learning for Kids Foundation, a non-profit organization launched in the USA in 2004 and in the Netherlands in 2007, provides free, highly engaging and game-based quality curriculums to children ages 5-12 around the world.

This includes the entire primary International Baccaleaurte (IB) Kindergarten to Grade 6 curriculums of Mathworld and Scienceworld, respectively consisting of 336 and 221 eLessons, in which children learn math and science in the context of different cultures and countries around the world. All courses are available in English, and we have currently started a project to translate these curriculums to Spanish. About 48-ath lessons have been launched in Spanish.

According to founder Dr. Nick van Dam, Chief Learning Officer at IE University and former McKinsey Partner and CLO, "At times when schools are closing around the world, it is incredibly important to continue to educate our children. Our free lessons can help children to advance their proficiency levels in math and science, two very important STEM subjects that are foundational for future jobs.

"EFK’s e-lessons are available for usage both online at our website and also for offline access in cases where there is no internet or it is too slow or unreliable. Over twenty million children in over 100 countries have benefitted so far. We are excited with the number of new kids who have discovered our lessons over the last few weeks."