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Skill Pills by Sponge - Refreshed Skills Library Launched

Bristol (UK), January 2023 - Sponge is kicking off 2023 with a bang. Skill Pills by Sponge, the content library of over 400 off-the-shelf microlearning courses, has been refreshed with a new look and feel to make digital upskilling unforgettable. 

Digital skills gaps, upskilling to help keep employees up to date and engaged, and the need for learning that fits into the flow of work are all hot topics in the contemporary learning and development space. Fortunately, Sponge's skills content library has been refreshed to provide learners with a memorable, engaging, and cohesive learning experience. Skill Pills by Sponge is a content library consisting of microlearning modules that are purpose built to provide targeted digital upskilling in key areas.

Skill Pills are designed to provide digital upskilling that fits into the flow of work, allowing employees to boost their knowledge and engagement without taking large chunks of time out of their workday. The skills library of over 400 off-the-shelf microlearning courses has been revamped to ensure

  • consistency and simplicity across the entire library
  • a contemporary look and feel to the UI interface
  • new animated video styles and illustrated characters

all of which have been designed by Sponge's in-house experts, ensuring that Skill Pills provide digital upskilling that sticks. 

Created by experts to capture learner's attention, Skill Pills use learning-science principles to keep upskilling interesting and interactive.
The three-step Skill Pill journey is clear and comprehensive for learners:

  1. Watch. Each Skill Pill starts with a short video animation that has been optimised for learner engagement and designed with learning in mind to follow a clear, instructional approach.
  2. Think. Active knowledge checks follow on from animations to allow learners to encode and consolidate what they have learnt. These opportunities to apply knowledge are principle driven, designed to meet key learning outcomes.

Do. The final step in the Skill Pills journey prompts learners to take action. What this looks like will vary depending on the content, but the goal is always to bridge the gap between online experience and applying learning to our day-to-day activities.