The Story Generator - simpleshow's Secure AI Script Automation
London (UK)/ Berlin (GER), July 2023 - The explainer video platform simpleshow is known for the simple creation of explainer videos with highly automated text-to-video technology. The platform is taking ease of use to the next level with the new Story Generator.

Enriched on the back end by professionals with years of storytelling and scriptwriting experience, the Story Generator automatically generates perfectly tailored explainer video scripts using just a little user input and a lot of simpleshow magic. The feature is now live and available for all users on the simpleshow platform.

The custom-built solution leverages language models in a responsible way while avoiding misuse as well as the leaking of confidential information. The integrated security features add a safety net to the system to give corporate users peace of mind and help them adhere to company security guidelines.

Sandra Böhrs, Chief Marketing Officer of simpleshow, explains, "The rapid development of the generative AI technology is quite exciting. The most important aspect for simpleshow, though, is to create a highly beneficial automated script feature that not only produces professional story scripts but also does not sacrifice security. We want to make video creation easier and faster for our business users, and tailoring it to their specific corporate needs continues to be our number one priority."

The new simpleshow Story Generator feature is the future of content generation. simpleshow's custom-built, powerful technology stack not only uses text generative AI but is also enriched with data security and storytelling features that ensure the script output meets explainer video best practices. The Story Generator utilizes the power of AI to craft professional scripts that can suit any context, from lighthearted to serious. It allows for the quick and effortless generation of content that is tailored specifically for the intended audience.