Potential of Digital Certification

Masterclass Lite on Digital Badges and (Micro-)Credentials

Berlin, September 2023 - Embark on a transformative learning journey with the Masterclass Lite on Digital Badges and (Micro-)Credentials, commencing 09 October 2023. The insightful program spans four weeks, offering participants a comprehensive understanding of digital identity, open badges, and verifiable credentials.

Digital certificates, open badges, micro-credentials, and verifiable credentials are becoming increasingly important in the education and training sector. As digital representations of learning achievements, they can be easily shared and verified online. They enable learners to showcase their skills and competencies in a transparent and credible way, and help employers and educators recognize and value diverse forms of learning. They also facilitate lifelong learning and career development, as learners can accumulate and update their credentials across various contexts and platforms.

The Masterclass Lite on Digital Identity, Open Badges, and Verifiable (Micro-)Credentials invites you to explore the captivating world of digital identity and credentials. Over four enriching weeks, participants will delve deep into the significance of digital identity, open badges, and verifiable credentials in today's professional landscape.

Throughout the program, participants will

  • gain insights into the concept of digital identity and its relevance in the modern era
  • discover the advantages and challenges of open badges and credentials for individuals, organizations, and stakeholders
  • explore practical examples and use cases of open badges and credentials across diverse sectors and domains
  • learn how to champion open badges and credentials, and acquire the skills to create, issue, and manage digital badges and credentials using online platforms and tools

The Masterclass Lite is designed to be interactive, engaging, and hands on. It features a blend of lectures, discussions, exercises, and assignments aimed at seamlessly translating knowledge into applied capabilities. Every week, participants will participate in live sessions at 13.00 CET on Mondays. Upon successful completion of the Masterclass Lite, participants will be awarded a digital badge as a symbol of their expertise in the field. The course material will remain accessible for an extended period of three months, ensuring continued learning and growth.

Here's an overview of what each week entails:

Week 1 - Introduction to Digital Identity and Verifiable (Micro-)Credentials

  • What is a digital identity and why is it crucial?
  • Exploring the significance of open badges and credentials
  • Understanding the benefits and challenges of verifiable credentials
  • Real-world examples and use cases in different sectors
  • The mechanics of open badges and credentials, including key components and standards

Week 2 - Application of Digital (Micro-)Credentials for Skills Recognition and Career Development

  • Unveiling the importance of skills taxonomies in verifiable credentials
  • Navigating the alignment and translation of skills across diverse contexts
  • Recognizing non-formal and informal learning and capabilities
  • Facilitating connections between learners, providers, and employers
  • Practical insights into creating and issuing open badges and credentials
  • Building pathways from informal learning to formal qualifications and job opportunities

Week 3 - Empowering Champions for System Change

  • Identifying and understanding the roles of champions in open badges and credentials
  • Strategies to engage with potential champions in your network
  • Supporting and empowering champions in their advocacy for open badges and credentials
  • The significance of change management in this context
  • Establishing an operational framework for seamless badge implementation
  • Determining what to badge and gaining proficiency in badge design
  • Evaluating and measuring the impact of open badges and credentials on system change

Week 4 - Building Pathways between Badges and Job Opportunities

  • Unpacking the concept of Pathways and their successful implementations
  • Defining the goals of your unique Pathway
  • Targeting specific occupations with your Pathway
  • Selecting badges and setting milestones on the path to career success
  • Ensuring that skills within your Pathway align with target jobs
  • Building a Pathway with badges that qualify candidates for specific roles
  • Strategies to evaluate your Pathway with potential employers

The Masterclass Lite has a lineup of recognized instructors from ICoBC, the Digital Badge Academy, LinkedIn, and Navigatr, including

  • David Leaser - an innovation-driven professional with a record of developing pioneering skills-based programs and services
  • Jan Muehlig - founder and CEO of relevantive, specializing in digital product and service design
  • Jim Daniels - a seasoned business leader with over two decades of experience in education, sales support, and services
  • Rolf Reinhardt - a Senior Account Director at LinkedIn, passionate about creating economic opportunities
  • Tim Riches - a leading ed-tech entrepreneur advocating for digital badges to bridge learning and work pathways

Enrollment in the Masterclass Lite is available for just 180 EUR + VAT. Additionally, participants from middle or low-income countries may be eligible for a discount in collaboration with eLearning Africa.  Enroll today in the Masterclass Lite on Digital Badges and (Micro-)Credentials, and embark on a journey towards enhancing your skills, career prospects, and lifelong learning.