Udemy and Docker Announce New Partnership

Los Angeles, CA (USA), October 2023 - Udemy, a company dedicated to improving lives through learning, has announced a new partnership with Docker. Together, Udemy and Docker will provide an unmatched experience to help developers gain the skills they need to efficiently build, share, and run applications. Announced at DockerCon 2023, the partnership focuses on more than 20 million aspiring and veteran active Docker developers, giving them easier access to the ongoing education and skills required to stay ahead of the latest technology with dedicated learning paths and immediate access to new product training through the Docker Certified Instructor program.

"We're thrilled to be partnering with Docker to expand access to Udemy's world-class course collection and debut fresh, relevant content on emerging technologies - providing an unparalleled learning experience for the next generation of developers," said Stephanie Stapleton Sudbury, President of Udemy Business. "In fact, Stack Overflow recently named Docker the most used developer tool and Udemy the most popular online course and certification program for learning how to code, so we believe this new partnership will be met with massive enthusiasm from the developer community and the businesses they help support."

Today, as consumers live in an increasingly digitized world, there are more than seven million applications available worldwide with the average consumer utilizing at least ten applications on a daily basis. As a result, to keep pace with innovation and the increasing consumer demand and company reliance on these applications, developers need to write and ship new code faster than ever before. In fact, in a recent study of software development managers, 86% said they are struggling to find qualified candidates with the necessary skills to drive forward strategic company initiatives, and as a result of this talent shortage, it's had a major impact on their productivity.

To combat these challenges, developers are in need of more timely, automated learning mechanisms that enable them to unlock their potential faster. This is exactly what the Udemy and Docker partnership aims to achieve by providing Docker's community  of more than 20 million active developers with access to more than 350 skills training courses on demand and at the speed of technology change.

Key capabilities will include

  • a comprehensive Docker library, providing learners with access to content at every stage of the development journey, whether they are just getting started or looking to master more advanced concepts
  • customized learning paths, complete with labs and assessments, catering to the specific needs of individual developers and how they learn best - helping them prepare for future certification exams to demonstrate skills mastery
  • faster access to new features, allowing Udemy instructors to become Docker Certified Instructors, enabling them to preview new features and prepare training content for distribution the moment a new update goes live - educating developers in real time

"Docker has always been at the forefront of enabling developers to shape the future of technology," said Scott Johnston, CEO of Docker. "Our partnership with Udemy underscores our commitment to empower our community with the best educational resources. In today's fast-paced tech landscape, it's vital for developers to continuously upskill and adapt. By providing 20 million active Docker developers with immediate access to Udemy's extensive training modules, we're not only bridging the skills gap, but ensuring the present and future success of software developers everywhere."