Cybersecurity Training

Omniplex Learning Expands with the Acquisition of Matobo

St. Albans (UK), June 2024 - Omniplex Learning, a leading provider of digital learning services, has announced the acquisition of Matobo, a renowned cybersecurity training provider. Matobo offers National Cyber Security Centre (NCSC) certified eLearning for cybersecurity and the EU’s General Data Protection Regulation (GDPR) and has been serving prestigious private and public sector clients since its inception in 2012. With an impressive portfolio boasting partnerships with the BBC, London Fire Brigade, and around 20% of UK local authorities, Matobo has successfully established itself as a leader in the cybersecurity learning space.

Matobo was founded by BAFTA award-winning filmmaker, Ben Giles, whose main objective was to design indispensable cyber training that was both engaging and educational for all users. The result has led to a significant reduction in cyber incidents for many organisations and glowing testimonials from thousands of learners. Giles commented, "We take immense pride in the quality of training we provide to our customers. Omniplex Learning was a perfect fit to build upon our work by supporting our customers and enhancing our training and services."

Cybersecurity is a growing risk area that impacts customers across all sectors, with human error being the primary cause of most successful cyber breaches. The UK government's latest Cyber Security Breaches survey, published in April, highlights successful phishing attacks (84%) and email impersonation (35%) as the most common causes of cyber breaches. These threats are becoming increasingly sophisticated.

Patrick Jocelyn, CEO at Omniplex Learning, stated, "Our customers have identified cybersecurity as a critical and evolving challenge. The costs of a successful cyber breach to a business are substantial, both financially and reputationally. By integrating Matobo's industry leading courses into our portfolio, we are poised to provide our customers digital learning in areas that are of utmost importance to them."

Jocelyn further added, "We plan to expand our offerings to address the new security and GDPR challenges associated with AI and other threats. This will complement our Good eLearning digital transformation courses, which we acquired just over a year ago."

The addition of Matobo enhances Omniplex Learning's existing suite of digital learning products and services, which include Articulate, Docebo, Vyond, and digital adoption platform Omniplex Guide.