Skills Training to Children

5app Announces New Partnership with DEfactoED

London (UK), June 2024 - 5app is thrilled to announce its partnership with digital education provider DEfactoED. DEfactoED specialises in delivering 21st century skills training to children and teenagers - primarily in India and the rest of Asia. When DEfactoED first started focusing on schools in India, very few organisations were looking to equip young Indian people with vital skills and knowledge, such as AI, cybersecurity, Net Zero, and digital literacy.

Specifically, DEfactoED's co-founders, David Knight and Tim Field, recognised that education isn't serving children properly in terms of what's happening in the world around them. A child sitting in northern India will be learning about Shakespeare's Othello from a syllabus created 40 years ago, when global warming and the rapid pace of digital change are having a far more material impact on their lives.

As a provider specialising in educating young people, DEfactoED partnered with 5app because the elegantly simple learning and comms platform allows them to build high-impact, intuitive, vibrant learning experiences that appeal to 12-18 year olds. Instead of reflecting the “exam factory” that much of the world's education system has come to resemble, DEfactoED's 5app platform, called Lightbulb, is a colourful, gamified digital environment that gets children and teenagers excited about learning.

Tim Field, Director of Clients and Markets at DEfactoED, said, "We love the 5app hub because it looks incredible and the kids truly love it. It looks like the technology they use every day, with lots of gamification, videos, and bright imagery. Nobody has been brave enough to bring that to the digital skills market in India yet, and the amazing feedback we receive from the schools and children using the hub shows that we've found a way to bring the world's most important topics to the most discerning customers."

Over the last year, the growing demand for digital literacy training has led DEfactoED to expand its focus to other burgeoning markets such as Singapore and the Middle East.

"There aren't many people doing what we're doing, and that's why we're so proud to be part of this advanced movement," said David Knight, Chairman and Director of Innovation at DEfactoED. "The enormous interest we've had in Lightbulb shows that this is the exact right time for this product, and keeping children up to speed with digital skills can only benefit them going forward."