1EdTech® Foundation

Learn and Work Ecosystem Library Announces New Collaboration

Indianapolis, IN (USA), August 2023 - The Learn and Work Ecosystem Library is pleased to announce a new collaboration with the 1EdTech® Foundation and its affiliated partner, the 1EdTech® Consortium. The Library will provide information resources to 1EdTech's nearly 900 members, including school districts, colleges and universities, employers, government, tech vendors, and others.

"The mission of the Learn and Work Ecosystem Library is to make information easier to find, use, and maximize for the diverse stakeholders in the learn-and-work ecosystem," said Holly Zanville, lead of the Library initiative, co-lead of the related initiative Credential As You Go, and research professor at George Washington University.

She added, "Since its launch in December 2022, our collections have grown substantially. We have nearly 600 articles and artifacts that include descriptions of the primary components of the learn-and-work ecosystem. The Library is free, open-access, and designed as a ‘wiki’ model, meaning anyone can request new content and revisions in content.”

Mark Leuba, vice president at 1EdTech, expanded, "1EdTech's collaboration with the Library will enable our members to access a rich trove of reference information and the Library's resources through webinars, and request use cases on topics of priority drawing on the assets in the Library, or recommend topics to meet their future information needs. It will be especially helpful to understand what others are working on, to learn from thought leaders and identify potential collaborators for our community's initiatives."

Rob Abel, President of the 1EdTech Foundation, explained, "The collaboration will benefit all of the many organizations working toward a better future for connecting education with career opportunities. 1EdTech members are the leaders in the rapid emergence of better ways to recognize learner achievement, competencies, and skills. Our current emphasis on enabling quality, trust, and value in digital microcredentials is also a great fit with the Learn and Work Ecosystem Library."