Strategic Partnership

Reducing Teacher Workload with AI

Raleigh, NC (USA), March 2024 - Open LMS, a leading global provider of open source learning management systems, is thrilled to announce its partnership with TeacherMatic, the AI platform designed by educators for educators. This collaboration combines Open LMS's expertise in open source LMS platforms with TeacherMatic's cutting-edge educational technologies to offer unparalleled learning experiences.

This partnership marks a significant milestone for both organizations. Open LMS, recognized as one of the world's largest services and hosting organizations for Moodle™ LMS, will integrate TeacherMatic's advanced digital tools and resources into its learning platform. This integration aims to enhance the learning experience for students of all ages and educators across various sectors, including K-12, higher education, and corporate training.

Teacher workload, health and wellbeing, and burnout are top of mind for many leaders. AI tools like TeacherMatic are having a positive impact. According to a recent survey of teachers, using TeacherMatic saves them an average of 3.8 hours per week, reducing workload, and improving work-life balance. One educator stated, "This is absolutely incredible and is the best teaching accessory that I have ever experienced or heard of. I am amazed."

"Teachers leave a profound impact on students throughout their educational journeys, which comes with an incredible amount of responsibility," said Brad Koch, Open LMS's Vice President of Industry Management and Partnerships. "These individuals often spend countless hours planning and preparing, and this tool can help streamline some of their day-to-day tasks to free up some of their bandwidth to focus on what matters most: their students."

Peter Kilcoyne, Co-Founder of TeacherMatic, shares a similar sentiment: "Our collaboration with Open LMS represents a significant step forward in digital education. TeacherMatic is committed to revolutionizing the education landscape with our AI-powered efficiency, streamlined tools for educators, and personalized learning experiences. Together, we're poised to deliver an enhanced learning experience, combining the strengths of both platforms to benefit educators, and their learners, worldwide."