Moodle Workplace Platform

TechTrep Partners with eThink Education

Baltimore, MD (USA), August 2020 - TechTrep worked with eThink Education, Certified Premium Moodle Partner and 2019 Moodle North America Partner of the Year, to build a customized, multitenant Moodle Workplace platform to house their comprehensive catalogue of STEM courses. The innovative result provides comprehensive, affordable, and sustainable STEM, CTE, and entrepreneurship programs for kids in school districts, charter schools, private schools, homeschools, or any organization that serves children like Boys & Girls Clubs, YMCAs, public libraries, etc. 

TechTrep aims to create an environment where all kids have STEM experiences, particularly in the early grades of their schooling. Using Moodle Workplace by eThink, TechTrep can provide a tailored learning experience for their different types of clients by utilizing multi-tenancy and detailed reporting. 

Thus, TechTrep's new platform by eThink Education provides them with the ability to scale their organization, reach more students, and facilitate a more robust learning experience for all their learners while inspiring a lifelong interest in the STEM fields. Due to their new partnership with eThink Education, TechTrep is now preparing for the launch of a complete virtual STEM academy called 21st CentEd., which will provide a new avenue for offering their CTE and STEM courses to students across the USA.

"Our new platform has changed the way we can provide our courses to students, especially as we respond to the need for more remote learning in a post COVID-19 teaching and learning environment," said Marlon Lindsay, CEO and Co-Founder of TechTrep. "With our Moodle Workplace platform, we are able to provide our students and teachers with more control over the learning experience by including in-depth reporting and custom branding for different clients. With this improved online platform, we can deliver a better experience to all of our shareholders and, with the help of eThink, we hope to expand the platform with additional components such as badging to provide our students with a digital portfolio of their accomplishments in the STEM field." 

"As a technology company ourselves, we take pride in supporting companies like TechTrep, who help promote and support STEM education," said Brian Carlson, CEO and Co-Founder of eThink Education. "TechTrep is using Moodle Workplace, Moodle's newest platform, in a really unique way that truly exemplifies the wide range of applications in which it can be utilized to help bring an organization's learning experience to the next level."