New eBook

"Transforming Cultures in Larger Organizations"

San Francisco, CA (USA), July 2018- SweetRush has announced the launch of a new eBook, "Transforming Cultures in Larger Organizations", coauthored by the company's Director of Cultural and Organizational Transformation, Ashley Munday, and Barrett Values Centre's Network Director, Tor Eneroth.

In the eBook, Munday and Eneroth provide holistic understanding of how leadership, strategy, values, and employee engagement are all critical to building your culture. The authors share case studies and best practices from working with leaders in larger organizations, which offer important lessons learned that readers can apply to transform organizational culture at enterprises of any size.

"Culture matters and makes a profound difference. Here at SweetRush, we are incredibly proud of our culture of respect and caring. We have near-zero turnover of both employees and clients, and our teammates are motivated and committed. We think that who we are is just as important as what we do when it comes to helping you with transforming organizational culture," said Munday. "My hope is that readers will find this eBook to be helpful no matter where they are on your culture journey."

"We are so excited about this eBook. As an organization that has built and values our own exceptional culture, it's our mission to help other companies do the same," said Arturo Schwartzberg, SweetRush's Cofounder and Chairman. "Through this project, we are now able to share Ashley's impressive work and her insights that will help leaders transform their work culture and, as a result, have happier and more productive employees. Transforming organizational culture truly means transforming the world and making it better."