Language Skills Gap

Strong Appetite for post-Brexit UK Language Learning

London (UK), May 2017 – The producers of the language-learning app Lingvist have announced their latest data findings, showing that the UK is taking the right steps towards becoming a more multilingual society in the post-Brexit era. They examined nine months of learning data before and after Brexit (August 2016 - April 2017) and found that Britons’ appetite for language learning strengthened despite the UK’s decision to leave the EU. 


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New Edition of NetDimensions Talent Slate Mobile App

Hong Kong (HK), September 2016 - NetDimensions has released a new edition of its native mobile app for tablets and smartphones, NetDimensions Talent Slate 2. "We are excited to launch NetDimensions Talent Slate 2, which was developed using a new cross-platform toolset to ensure feature consistency across all major mobile platforms," said Adrian Weaver, Director of Global Product Management at NetDimensions. "It is available now for iOS and Android devices, with the WIndows 10 version available from November."