OEB Opening Plenary

Re-Imagining Our Vision for Learning

Berlin (GER), October 2022 - The OEB Conference, taking place in Berlin 23-25 November, gets underway with an opening plenary led by three leading edtech experts and futurists: Pär Lager, Lecturer and Senior Advisor, Author of "Upskill and Reskill", Swedish Defence University; Njeri Mwagiru, Senior Futurist, Institute for Futures Research (IFR) at Stellenbosch University Business School; and David Mattin, Founder, New World Same Humans, and moderated by Donald H Taylor, Chair, Learning Technologies Conference.


Future Oriented

OEB Global Is Looking for "Unusual Ideas" about Resilience

Berlin (GER) / London (UK), March 2021 - The organisers of Europe's largest conference on learning and technology, OEB Global, are asking for "exciting, imaginative, and unusual ideas" about one of the most important skills of the modern age: resilience. With an overall theme of "Learning Resilience", the conference, which is scheduled to take place in Berlin, 01-03 December 2021, will focus on how individuals, communities, education institutions, and businesses can learn to become resilient, so that they can bounce back from crises in the future.



Europe's Champion of Online Learning Goes Virtual

Berlin (GER), October 2020 - Europe's leading advocate of online learning, the annual OEB Global conference, which promotes the benefits of digitally enhanced learning and training to thousands of people across the world, is taking itself online.


"Like a Star above the Horizon"

OEB Global Makes Sense of Learning

OEB 2019Berlin (GER), March 2020 - In Berlin this December, thousands of experts from all over the world will try to agree on the true purpose of education. They will be taking part in Online Educa Berlin (OEB), a global, cross-sector conference and exhibition on technology  supported learning and training. The overarching theme of the conference is "Making Learning Meaning", and the organisers are explaining to potential participants that like a star above the horizon, the event will help point the way to our destination.


Edtech Experts

OEB 2019 Announces "Spotlight Stage" Lineup

Berlin (GER), November 2019 - OEB Global, Europe’s top education and learning technology event tales place in Berlin, 27-29 November. The event features the return of the Spotlight Stage, to be opened by social age writer and commentator Julian Stodd. The session promises left-field inspiration, entertainment and provocation from edtech experts.


Call for Proposals

OEB Global 2019: Das Lernen neu entdecken

Berlin, März 2019 - Bildung muss heute grundlegend neu gedacht und gestaltet werden, um der zunehmenden Forderung nach lebenslangem Lernen ebenso gerecht zu werden wie einem zu erwartenden höheren Maß an Freizeit. Im Vorfeld des Call for Proposals für die OEB Global 2019 fordern führende Bildungsexperten eine grundsätzliche Neubewertung der Prioritäten und einen neuen Fokus darauf, wie Lernsysteme und -verfahren künftig anders zu gestalten sind.



Education "Hurtling Towards Massive Change without a Plan"

Berlin (GER) / London (UK), March 2018 - According to Astrid Jaeger, Managing Director of OEB Learning Technologies Europe GmbH, which organises OEB Global, Europe’s leading conference on technology assisted learning and training, "The education sector will have to change fundamentally and quickly to cope with new demands created by rapid technological change."