Christian Stracke

Expert at "Leaders and Legends of Online Learning"

Christian StrackeBonn (GER), February 2024 - Educational scientist and researcher Dr. Christian M. Stracke has been granted a special honour: He has been selected as the 90th expert for the Leaders and Legends of Online Learning. What is unique about this is that the selection is only made by the other experts and colleagues worldwide. Marc Nichols started this project at the Open University of UK back in 2018 and has always recorded a podcast with all the selected experts. In his questions, he is particularly interested in the personal long-term perspective.


Welten Institute

OU of the Netherlands Goes to the European Parliament

Heerlen (NL), November 2018 - The Open University of the Netherlands has been asked to present the RAGE project on 20 and 21 November at a meeting of the European Parliament in Brussels. Together with nine other projects, the RAGE project has been selected from hundreds of current research and innovation projects in the European Commission’s Horizon2020 Program.


Digitales Kooperationsprojekt

Die Hamburg Open Online University (HOOU)

Hamburg, März 2018 - Die Hamburg Open Online University (HOOU) ist ein digitales Kooperationsprojekt der sechs staatlichen Hamburger Hochschulen und des UKE mit dem MMKH, der Hamburger Wissenschaftsbehörde (BWFG) sowie der Senatskanzlei. Die Kernidee der HOOU ist, dass die Hamburger Hochschulen auf einer gemeinsamen Plattform innovative digitale Lernformate entwickeln, die Studierenden und der interessierten Öffentlichkeit gleichermaßen zur Verfügung stehen. 


LELLE Conference

Learning to Learning: Beyond 2020

Workshop SessionHeerlen (NL), July 2017 - LELLE stands for Let’s Learn how to Learn. The Erasmus+ project embraces a long-term vision to equip graduates with core life-skills that make them ready and mobile for the job market and the workplace. The regional LELLE Conference "Learning to Learning: Beyond 2020", held 01 June 2017 at the Open University of the Netherlands in Heerlen, attracted more than 50 students, lecturers, working professionals, young entrepreneurs, as well as key industry players.