Versal Pro

To Create Interactive Courses in the Classroom

San Francisco, CA (USA), July 2014 - Versal has announced the release of Versal Pro, expanding the platform's core interactive course-creation capabilities to facilitate its use in the classroom. Designed specifically for teachers, Versal Pro adds learner-progress tracking, private courses, and more. Since the first beta was launched a year ago, Versal has quickly become a popular way for anyone to create interactive online learning experiences and share knowledge with the world. » MORE

ECDL Courses

College Grants New Award for Flexible Learning

London (UK), June 2014 - Learning Nexus Students who perform above and beyond their everyday studies will now be recognised by Forth Valley College with a new Flexible Learning Award. The first recipient of the new award is HNC Business Studies student Carrie Gentles from Tullibody. As well as coping with the demands of full-time study, Carrie has also committed to achieving the European Computer Driving Licence (ECDL) to enhance her qualifications. » MORE

Improved Communications

Miami-Dade Schools Selects Blackboard

Washington, DC (USA), May 2014 - Florida's Miami-Dade County Public Schools (MDCPS) has selected Blackboard to enhance district-wide communications through the selection of its advanced mass-notification capabilities, the company announced today. Through this continued partnership, Blackboard works with some of the largest school districts in the country, including Los Angeles Unified School District and Chicago Public Schools, providing their communication solution and offering consulting. » MORE

Girls' Education Gap

Digital Education Effort in Nepal

Kathmandu (NP), May 2014 -Students at a school in Kathmandu, Nepal started their school year this week with a new computer lab and technology-literacy program thanks to a multi-group nonprofit partnership. Hands in Outreach, a nonprofit educational sponsorship program for impoverished children in Nepal, is working with Lalitpur Madhyamik Vidyalaya (LMV) schools to build a new elementary school. » MORE

Higher Education

Partner to Support the Use of Digital Content

Washington, DC (USA), May2014 - Blackboard Inc. and Discovery Education have announced a powerful new partnership supporting the integration of digital content into university and community-college courses nationwide. Through the partnership, higher-education faculty and students can now access Discovery Education's dynamic digital media through Blackboard's teaching and learning environment and on their mobile devices. In addition, the two companies are building a K-12 focused integration with plans to launch later this year. » MORE

New Platform

Learning Resources for Bringing Shakespeare to Life

Shakespeare in BitsDublin (IR), April 2014 - MindConnex Learning is expanding its "Shakespeare In Bits" offering by releasing an update of its successful "Shakespeare In Bits Live!" subscription website with additional new learning resources. These will include quizzes, lesson plans, play texts, and more. The newly updated website is HTML5 based and so is truly cross platform, being accessible from all major devices with a web browser and Internet connection. » MORE

Comprehensive Audits

Online Auditing to Protect Children and Teens

LogoFlemington, NJ (USA), April 2014 - ThirdParent, a company specializing in Internet safety for teens and kids, is relaunching its services with a new tool to help parents protect their children's digital privacy and reputation through online and social-media monitoring. Parents rely on ThirdParent to safeguard their children from dangers like cyberbullies and predators and to protect their reputation with online auditing services that monitor their digital footprint. » MORE


Alliance for Quality Education

Riga (LT), April 2014 - In Latvia, the Latvian Educational and Scientific Workers' Trade Union (LIZDA), together with the Ministry of Education and the national UNESCO committee, has launched an alliance to unite for quality education. » MORE

Take Part

EI Surveys Teachers' Working Conditions

Brussels (BE), April 2014 - Education International (EI) is launching a worldwide survey on teaching and learning conditions, with the aim of bridging the gap between policy making and the reality of the classroom. The survey will be accessible online until the end of July in more than ten languages and is part of EI's assessment of Education for All. The results will be presented to UN Secretary General, Ban Ki Moon, later this year. » MORE