Acteon Experiment Shows Motivation and Understanding

Cambridge (UK), August 2019 - Acteon believes that when we connect with what matters to people, they are more engaged, which leads to behaviour change and improved performance. Acteon wanted to test this and devised an experiment in the form of a game called Hexit.


Brand New Research

How to Build and Change Habits in the Workplace

(c) Towards Maturity

London (UK), October 2018 – Brand new research from Towards Maturity, supported by ambassadors Cognician, provides a guide to help L&D professionals build and create habits in their organisation as a means to shape behaviour change and create a real business impact. Top Performing Organisations are three times more likely than average to have the fundamental attributes required to change behaviour and produce habits in the workplace. The ability to change behaviour through habit creation is crucial to becoming a top performing organisation, particularly as learners have the skills to build new capabilites quickly and "unbuild" old behaviours that are no longer relevant. How do you actually create habits in the workplace?