Manage eLearning Course Reviews with zipBoard

New Dehli (IN), September 2017 - An easier way to gather feedback while developing eLearning courses from both team members and SMEs has come to zipBoard: guest sharing without login. Collaboration is the key to successful eLearning, and to facilitate the course-review process, zipBoard is changing the way eLearning courses are assessed by multiple stakeholders. zipBoard aims to make the eLearning QA & project-management process easier and in effect faster.


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QA Acquires The Training Foundation Limited

London (UK), November 2016 - QA is delighted to announce the acquisition of The Training Foundation Limited (TTF), provider of The Training Accreditation Programme (TAP) - one of the UK's leading skills-accreditation programmes. TAP courses are accredited by the British Institute for Learning and Development and help L&D functions to drive efficiencies and value within organisations.


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QA Receives Director’s Award from Red Hat

Director's AwardLondon (UK), March 2016 - QA, one of the UK leaders in IT and business-skills training, has been presented with a Director’s Award from Red Hat. Red Hat, the world's leading provider of open-source software solutions, gives one Director's Award a year to partners that go the extra mile in their work with Red Hat.