Hybrid Pedagogy

The VACCINE Project

Neumarkt an der Ybbs (GER), August 2022 - The VACCINE project is a joint initiative of four EU partners addressing the important issue of online learning during a pandemic or similar major societal shock that changes teaching from traditional methods.


Biodiversity Curricula

Higher Education for Tanzania

Bayreuth (GER), September 2020 - Biodiversity is a central ecological and economic resource for Tanzania, thanks to its extensive nature reserves. For its long-term preservation, the East African country needs experts who can develop and implement effective strategies and measures. As part of a new project funded by the EU to the tune of up to €790,000, the University of Bayreuth is working towards establishing commensurate courses of study at universities in Tanzania. The project title is Developing Curricula for Biodiversity Monitoring and Conservation in Tanzania (CONTAN).