Virtual Economy

LUMO Labs Invests in Metacampus

Eindhoven (NL), July 2022 - The virtual economy requires ever-evolving skills and inclusive approaches. To stay ahead of this paradigm shift, LUMO Labs is investing in an unconventional startup with a unique training platform built for the virtual economy.


EdTech Platform

Baku State University Selects Blackboard

BakuBaku (AZE), May 2021 - Blackboard Inc., a leading global edtech software and solutions company, has announced that it has partnered with Baku State University (BSU), a leading university in Azerbaijan, to help drive student success. The University is leveraging the core solutions in Blackboard's edtech platform, including its cloud-based learning management system (LMS), Blackboard Learn; virtual classroom solution, Blackboard Collaborate; and accessibility solution, Blackboard Ally to create an agile and scalable connected learning environment for more than 24,000 students and around 1,500 faculty members.