Case Study

Airbus Talent Reaches New Heights with Udacity Partnership

Mountain View, CA (USA), December 2022 - Global aerospace pioneer Airbus has created a world-class Digital Academy to empower its employees with data-driven skills as part of its mission to invest in its people and nurture internal talent amid the industry's skills shortage.


A Poetic Question

Shall I Compare Thee to a Digital Academy?

Dunfermline (SCT), October 2022 - One of Scotland's leading digital learning and assessment specialists, eCom Learning Solutions, has joined in the practice of publicly making comparisons. In doing so, it has both history and popular culture on its side.


The HR Booth

Digital Academies Address the Challenges of the Modern Work

Wendy EdieDunfermline (SCT), August 2022 - Digital academies - an initiative from the leading digital learning and assessment specialist, eCom Learning Solutions - are helping organisations stay ahead of their competition by developing their most valuable asset: their workforce.