How to Combine?

Problem-Based Learning and Learning Analytics

PBL3Herleen (NL), October 2018 - The online course and online community PBLLA18 is now open! "We are eager to discuss how problem-based learning and learning analytics can improve our future lifelong learning", says Dr. Christian M. Stracke from the Open University of the Netherlands. Together with his colleague Dr. Olga Firssova, he designed this new learning experience - PBLLA18 - for the European PBL 3.0 consortium.

The live and open online course PBLLA18 will first explore the concept of problem-based learning (PBL). It explains the new PBL 3.0 model and compares it with other highly successful PBL approaches. The PBL 3.0 consortium offers PBLLA18 with key literature and live presentations to learn about problem-based learning visions and practices. Furthermore, the online course introduces the concept of learning analytics (LA).

The overall objective is to discuss and learn how problem-based learning can be combined and supported with learning analytics. This online course will officially be launched 19 November 2018. It will take four weeks, with an introduction phase for all participants starting 01 November, and also include an opportunity to define and select a related project with online collaboration and follow up in small groups.

The course is provided in combination with an online community. The online community allows members to connect with all other learners interested in problem-based learning and learning analytics. All participants can build their network, share their experiences and latest news, as well as discuss practical questions and implementations. Members can decide upon a preference to define and create their own personal network - or select and join an existing network at the local, regional, or global level.

This is a unique opportunity: PBLLA18 combines a live online course and an online community on a hot and relevant topic for our future lifelong learning!