New Technology

The Difference in Digital Video Learning - Dynamic Rich Media

Paris (F), December 2017 - UbiCast introduces Dynamic Rich Media: the possibility to watch one video with multiple angles. The platform presents an innovative way to make the students actively study through video and thus enhance online learning.

Dynamic Rich Media brings together all the new possibilities of interacting in a single video file through multiple inputs and establishing multi-flow synchronization.

Today, a lot of students choosing to study online (full online programs or blended learning courses) have the feeling of being isolated. This new tool, Dynamic Rich Media, allows students to enhance interactivity by immersing themselves in the classroom through video.

In a classroom, for example, the student could choose between seeing the teacher, the blackboard, the computer, and/or the paper on which the teacher is writing.
The audience no longer comprises mere spectators; students have the opportunity to be actively focusing and learning. Dynamic Rich Media opens multiple possibilities for digital Learning.