Technological Feat

TooShare - the African Network Revolutionising EdTech

Dakar (SEN), March 2022 - TooShare is a technological feat that aims to revolutionize education for all in order to overcome the deficiencies of the educational system through easy access to educational content. This digital alternative to schools and universities is 100% African and combines an eLearning platform and a social network.

TooShare, created in Senegal by Abdoulaye Mbengue, is Platinum Sponsor of this year's eLearning Africa, taking place from 11 - 13 May in Kigali, Rwanda. The event is the fifteenth Pan-Africa Conference and Exhibition on ICT for Education, Training, and Skills Development since 2005,

With a growing population, Africa is expected to double its population by 2050. Growing from one billion inhabitants today to nearly 2.4 billion, the continent will be a real reservoir of human resources and talent.

In order to create a link between a highly connected generation and an educational system that is too often disrupted, TooShare is a new concept. Its objective is to share knowledge by connecting learners, trainers, and training institutes through a technological environment that uses the codes and features of social networks, coupled with a learning management system.

With an official launch in November 2021, TooShare offers a digital alternative to schools and universities, thanks to its platform and its functionalities. It also offers access to educational content to those who are not in school but who wish to learn in any field. TooShare gathers various people around themes on which they wish to exchange. It is a revolutionary platform that allows learners, trainers, and companies to discover a new way of sharing thanks to multiple features:

  • For learners, TooShare allows them to acquire more knowledge, due to offering access to very large amount of educational content. It also allows discovery and exchange with the main actors of the global educational ecosystem, such as schools, universities, training centers, and teachers.
  • For trainers and content providers, it offers the possibility to share courses and educational documents, as well as to monetize their talents.
  • For the training institutions, TooShare makes training continuous through features adapted to their environment such as classrooms, lives videos, and quizzes.
  • For companies, it gives more visibility and the possibility to increase their employees' skills, while recruiting new talent.