Education Partnerships

Emantras and ACU Partners to Deliver Mobile Education

Fremont, CA (USA), October, 2008 - Emantras, a digital education and performance-enhancement company, partnered in August 2008 with Abilene Christian University (ACU) to develop products that allow teachers to generate and push educational content to students for mobile consumption.

There are several educational solutions in the market place that deliver content within a mobile environment, and the goal was to develop solutions that provide educators with the means to create and deliver educational material without being encumbered by "pre-determined" content. This ensures relevancy of the mobile content, which is now dynamic and creates an adaptive learning environment on mobile devices.

"Emantras vision, eagerness, and maturity not only bring benefit to our mobile learning initiative, but more importantly, to our students, who will directly benefit from increased learning opportunities. I appreciate the professional approach to software design Emantras provides. That approach has allowed us to move from design, to prototype, to working product in just a short period of time", says George Saltsman Director of the Adams Center for Teaching and Learning at Abilene Christian University.

"Partnering with ACU allows us to focus on the technology and design of the solutions while accessing the collective knowledge of the ACU educational staff to help us understand and refine the workflow within an educational environment. This partnership allows us create an exciting synergy to understand and deliver solutions of exceptional value to the learning eco-system", says Supra Manohar, Executive Vice President of Emantras, Inc.