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Udacity Launches GenAI Nanodegree Program

Mountain View, CA (USA), February 2024 - The online learning platform Udacity has launched a generative AI Nanodegree Program so professionals can keep up with the fast-growing field.

Mountain View, California-based Udacity said it aims to equip professionals with essential skills to navigate the dynamic and rapidly growing field of generative AI, anticipating its significant impact on various industries.

Since its inception in 2011, Udacity has been dishing out online education. With the launch of Nanodegree programs in 2014 and the introduction of the first Artificial Intelligence Nanodegree program in 2016, Udacity has consistently evolved its curriculum in collaboration with industry and academic leaders.

The Generative AI Nanodegree program will address the increasing demand for skills in an era where generative AI is poised to reshape industries and functional areas. The program focuses on providing professionals with practical skills to harness the potential of generative AI effectively.

Knowledge and training are critical to capturing the opportunities that Generative AI creates. Whether you want to build GenAI applications or put them to work in your business, project-based online learning is the fastest way to get everyone up to speed.

The Oxford Internet Institute's recent study underlines the value of AI skills, indicating a 21% increase in worker wages with high levels of skill complementarity. Recognizing the potential impact of generative AI, Udacity's program goes beyond teaching various GenAI techniques: It aims to inspire professionals with real-world use cases and provides hands-on experience within organizational contexts.

Taught by instructors from organizations such as Advocate, Cape Analytics, DeepMind, LanceDB, Meta, NVIDIA,, SoFi, UC Berkeley, and Ed Wiley at Udacity, the program offers a comprehensive understanding of generative AI. Students have the opportunity to work on capstone projects mirroring real-life challenges of using GenAI in professional settings.

Importantly, students receive substantive feedback on their projects from experienced mentors.

The program is instantly available to All Access subscribers, providing access to Udacity's extensive content library, including more than 80 Nanodegree programs, more than 350 courses, more than 370 real-world projects, and more than 2,500 skills.

The Generative AI Nanodegree program has prerequisites of intermediate Python and SQL programming skills, positioning it as a technical and hands-on complement to the Generative AI for Business Leaders course launched last month. For those seeking a conceptual understanding, Udacity also introduces the Generative AI Fluency course.

Wiley, a seasoned professional with over 25 years of experience in AI, data science, and engineering, is an instructor. His background includes holding titles such as CIO, CTO, and Chief Data Scientist, and he conducted his doctorate at Stanford University under the guidance of early pioneers in machine learning and AI. The Udacity technical content developer for the new Generative AI Nanodegree program is Valerie Scarlata.

Udacity's Generative AI programs, from technical to conceptual levels, aim to bridge the gap from imagination to impact, catering to a diverse audience from engineers to executives.