Virtual College Completes Successful L&D Campaign

Ilkley (UK), November 2019 - Over the last three months, Virtual College has been running a thought-leader campaign called "Shaping the Future of L&D". During this campaign, they partnered with fourteen learning and development experts to address the future of L&D and how it is changing in response to technological developments.

The aim of the campaign was to contribute to the industry debate about the changing L&D landscape. Taking the form of a series, the campaign shared weekly videos about a different topic in which thought leaders shared practical tips and advice.

The topics covered were

  • the Changing of Job Roles within L&D
  • the Digital Transformation of L&D
  • Measuring the Business Impact of Learning
  • Re-positioning L&D teams

The campaign had fourteen contributors, including

  • Kevin M. Yates – Fact Finder of Learning and Development
  • Lori Niles-Hoffman – Senior Learning Transformation Strategist
  • Edmund Monk – CEO at the Learning and Performance Institute
  • Michelle Parry-Slater – Learning and Development Director at Kairos Modern Learning
  • Krystyna Gadd - Founder of How to Accelerate Learning
  • plus contributions from senior learning professionals within Virtual College

Just one example of a practical tip is from Krystyna: "When organisations start collecting data it can be overwhelming. The first step to take is to trust your gut instinct to identify where to look first. Then start analysing the quantitative data and correlate your findings with the qualitative data to build a clear picture."

The campaign reached a large, wide audience from many different communities and sectors. It ignited numerous conversations and debates on social media, with L&D professionals discussing the business impact, as well as sharing their own insights and how they have carried out digital transformations.

There have also been over 16,000 views of the thirteen videos across social media, and the posts have been receiving a high engagement with over 1,200 total engagements (likes, comments, and shares across social media posts), indicating that the campaign was addressing important topics.

"We are thrilled at how successful the campaign has been and are grateful to all the contributors for sharing their top tips," says Simon Falconer, Chief Marketing Officer at Virtual College. "We look forward to using these insights and tips to help other organisations prepare for a changing L&D landscape."