WHSmith Launches New "Global Challenges" Business Course

Edinburgh (UK), October 2017 - Stephen Clarke, CEO of WHSmith, recently launched the new "Global Challenges" course at the University of Edinburgh Business School. In celebration of the retailer’s 225 year anniversary, Clarke delivered a lecture about the changing nature of business in an uncertain and globalised world on 06 October.

He talked to the new intake of undergraduates about leading Britain’s oldest chain of stores and staying relevant in today’s market. The course addresses a number of areas: looking at the winners and losers of globalisation, the impact of climate change, the role of innovation, and the impact of digital disruptions like robotics on society, among other issues.

Mental health in the workplace is another topic students will be covering, an issue for which WHSmith is also fundraising as part of the 225-year anniversary.

Stephen Clarke said, "I’m delighted to be launching the Global Challenges course in the year of our 225th anniversary with a lecture on the unpredictable changes posed by a globalised world. The University of Edinburgh Business School is asking students to think as global citizens, a very welcome move given that these skills are increasingly critical to organisations."

Wendy Loretto, Dean of the University of Edinburgh Business School, said, "We’re honoured that Stephen Clarke of WHSmith, a major leader in an industry undergoing change, is sharing his experience with students as they embark on their journey through university. Encouraging students to play with the notion of 'how to think’ rather than ‘what to think' is part of this course’s mission; to develop global citizens who can navigate a complex and disruptive world."