New Volume Published

Paper on "Emerging Technologies for Learning"

London (UK), May 2007 - Becta, the UK government's lead partner in the strategic development and delivery of its eStrategy, is publishing the second volume of its 'Emerging Technologies for Education' paper. This document considers how emerging technologies may impact education in the medium term.

The publication includes articles by various authors, giving perspectives covering a range of developments and trends. It looks at some of the possibilities that are developing and the potential for technology to transform our ways of working, learning, and interacting over the next three to five years.

Six articles have been written covering subjects like the development and convergence of social software tools and services. Others focus on the wider Web 2.0 ecosystem or look at how young people are using digital media and the future use of commercial games in education.

The Articles Are Entitled:

  • Emerging Trends in Social Software for Education
  • Learning Networks in Practice
  • The Challenge of New Digital Literacies and the 'Hidden Curriculum'
  • How to Teach with Technology: Keeping Both Teachers and Students Comfortable in an Era of Exponential Change
  • Games in Education
  • Ubiquitous Computing.

Commenting on the document, Becta's Chief Executive, Stephen Crowne, said, "It is important for many reasons that the education sector remains continually alert to technology developments and possibilities."

"This is particularly true in the context of young peoples' everyday uses of technology and approaches to using technology in professional and other environments to enhance knowledge development and transfer," Crowne added.