Totara Customer Medcast

$4.1 Million Grant to Train Nurses in COVID-19 Crisis

London (UK), April 2020 - The Australian government has given Totara customer Medcast a grant of $4.1 million AUD to provide online training to nurses across the country amid the COVID-19 crisis.

This grant will fund up to 20,000 new online education places to enable registered nurses (RNs) to develop knowledge free of charge, enabling them to assist in the delivery of care in intensive care and high-dependency units across Australia.

This will support a doubling in the number of intensive care beds in Australian hospitals, helping to meet the projected increase in demand caused by COVID-19.

Medcast selected Totara Learn for its scalability, which is proving crucial during the COVID-19 crisis, as Medcast rapidly expands and delivers COVID-19 courses to thousands of RNs across Australia.

Medcast’s LMS combines formal and informal learning with on demand eLearning, webinars, and social learning opportunities. It is hosted and supported by Australian Platinum Totara Partner Androgogic, which also hosts and supports 61 Australian hospitals, all of which are in heavy use during the pandemic.

Alexander Roche, CEO of Androgogic, said, "We quickly moved computing resources across our network and have been able to rapidly scale Medcast’s LMS to meet the unprecedented levels of concurrent user demand. I am proud of our company’s contribution to support our healthcare workers as they work to save lives and mitigate the effects of COVID-19."