5App Announces Content Partnership with Skill Pill

London (UK), November 2020 – Learning and communications platform provider 5App is proud to announce a new content partnership with microlearning experts Skill Pill. Through the new relationship, 5App can offer additional soft skills content packages to its 500k-member user base. This new partnership will further accelerate the growth of the 5App platform.

"We're excited to partner with digital natives Skill Pill, who have pioneered engaging microlearning content and formats that deliver impact. Their high-quality content delivered through the Hub adds value to our customer offering, which strives to provide the right mix of curated learning and comms materials through playlists, to drive real business outcomes", said Stuart Mason, CEO, 5App.

"The 5App Digital Hub is a great fit for our award-winning content. It's been designed to enable companies to deliver tailored learning experiences and engaging internal communications with agility. Combining the innovative 5App digital learning platform with the extensive content catalogue and learning expertise of Skill Pill is a compelling offer for customers," said Gerry Griffin, Founder of Skill Pill.

Skill Pill content will now be seamlessly integrated, available instantly, and expertly curated into playlists in the Digital Hub if purchased via 5App. The microlearning expert has recently focused on the production of new bundles of content to support organisations and individuals in the modern workplace, created in collaboration with its long-term content partners Pearson Education, Kogan Page, and FT Publishing.

These bundles include

  • the 'Power of Q' series - content focused on improving different aspects of intelligence, including emotional (EQ), purpose (PQ), and creative (CQ)
  • the Diversity & Inclusion series - a series of fourteen titles looking at diversity and inclusion in the modern workplace
  • the Remote Working Bundle - a set of content to support organisations and employees in adjusting to the new normal of virtual working.

The 5App Digital Hub is an easy-to-use learning and communications platform. The Hub integrates with existing learning management systems, as well as collaboration and communication tools - and is fast to deploy. Customers create and curate their developments and information into playlists using their own resources and choosing from an extensive and growing library from world-class content providers. This curated approach, fuelled by powerful analytics and automated notifications and nudges, helps increase awareness and ensures that people can access the information and resources they need in their jobs at a time that suits them.