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5app Partners with Anders Pink's Complete Curation

London (UK), February 2023 - 5app's partnership with Anders Pink makes curating from multiple or large sources of content easier, helping customers get true value from all of the content they own.

We are excited to announce and celebrate our partnership with Anders Pink. Anders Pink provides individuals and teams learning access with their award-winning content curation tool. Their recently launched Complete Curation Product allows organisations the ability to automatically discover and curate learning content, mapped to skills.

At 5app we have a big focus on curation, and this automated solution, which allows the curation of playlists directly from any learning resources you already have, is phenomenal. In simple terms, Anders Pink's Complete Curation Product makes curating from multiple or large sources of content so much easier.

Duncan Barrett, Head of Product at 5app, believes that the integration, indexing, and mapping of this service lends itself to the value 5app provides by guiding learners and admins to relevant learning content, which drives engagement. "Curation plays a crucial role in delivering more relevance to the individual and driving higher engagement. Adding Anders Pink's Complete Curation to our solution enables our customers to get true value from all the content they own by automating aggregation, making searching more intelligent, and simplifying curation. By utilising our simple plug-and-play integration, customers can add their curated content directly to playlists in the 5app platform, all whilst maintaining simplicity and ease of use".

In this fast paced industry, there is a need to continuously develop and adapt to meet the real world problems faced by customers. As an Anders Pink integration partner, 5app customers will benefit from this technology by saving time. They will be able to discover and curate content most relevant and best aligned to their teams - and map directly to the skills that matter.

Getting organised and keeping track of content is now much easier with

  • searchable learning content across all content libraries and platforms, all in one place
  • the ability to consistently discover content and get recommendations to the best content within learning libraries and from the web
  • targeted L&D playlists which can be added quickly to the 5app platform
  • the possibility to identify content overlap and content gaps.

At 5app, the goal is to make the integration of information, data, and content as seamless as possible. Partnering with Anders Pink allows for effortless integration with existing customer and partner platforms, making it much simpler to curate content they already have.