Vanquis Bank

70% Learning Engagement Increase to Support Digital Transformation

London (UK), October 2019 - Vanquis Bank and eLearning specialists GoodHabitz will co-present a case study entitled "How boosting people skills helps digital transformation" at World of Learning 2019.

Successful implementation of digital transformation hinges on the development of soft skills – influence, risk taking, design thinking, communication, negotiation, and managing change. Enhancing soft skills significantly enhances programme success rates, and delegates at World of Learning can discover how.
eLearning specialists GoodHabitz will co-present the case study, sharing insights that provide answers to these questions and many more:

  • How should success rates for digital learning be measured?
  • Can digital transformation be supported through learning and development?
  • How can organisations become engaged in learning at the individual, team, and wider cultural levels?

Michael Brown, Digital Learning Manager at Vanquis Bank and Alice New, Learning Coach at GoodHabitz, will present the outcomes of Vanquis’ digital learning initiative in Theatre 2 at World of Learning, between 15:00 - 15:30.
Vanquis specialises in helping people build good credit ratings and offers financial services to over 3.5 million people. Four times winner of the Moneyfacts Credit Builder Card Provider of the Year award, the company is known for being innovative and progressive. Vanquis trades exclusively online and via its call centre, so skills like empathy, resilience, adaptability, and the ability to clearly communicate often complex issues in an approachable way are essentials.
Since launching the digital learning programme in December 2018, 41% of Vanquis’s employees have completed an optional soft skills training course, whereas the previous figure was 2% of all employees. This represents a 95% uplift in voluntary learning engagement. Additionally, in the three months since Vanquis first started offering soft skills eLearning subscriptions, they have seen a month on month increase in the number of employees choosing to undertake optional eLearning.
Learning rates went from 150 active courses in December 2018 before the go-live, to 800 in January 2019. Allowing for the expected initial spike in interest straight after launch, this level has now stabilised at 500 optional courses being accessed each month. It represents a very healthy 70% increase in learning engagement.
"We’ve offered online soft skills training before, but it wasn’t as successful. People like the GoodHabitz courses – they are fun and interesting - and there are no Americanisms. They are developed with very high production values for a UK audience," says Michael Brown, Digital Learning Manager at Vanquis.
He adds, "Even if people only spend ten minutes at a time reading a single article or watching videos on a topic, they’ll derive a benefit, and this is what we are promoting with GoodHabitz", says Michael Brown. "We are trying to create a mindset of ‘learning in work’, whereby learning becomes as an intrinsic part of daily working life, rather than something you have to squeeze into an already very busy schedule."