Reporting Hub

Advanced Insights into Learning Program Performance

Boston, MA (USA), February 2021 - Thought Industries, one of the world's leading B2B customer education and external training platform providers, has announced its new Reporting Hub for the Thought Industries platform. Reporting Hub uses state-of-the-art data technology and best-of-breed reporting from Looker™ to provide customers with reliable, accurate, and flexible learning analytics and insights.

With this transformation, customers can leverage a wide library of reports to monitor program performance and create customized insights to align with their unique business objectives.

Organizations have many levers to pull to ensure education programs are operationalized to meet their program KPIs and business objectives. While no two learning organizations build their programs exactly alike, customizable and robust reporting analytics and insights are critical to planning, managing, monitoring, and measuring program performance to strategically grow them.

The new Thought Industries Reporting Hub includes intuitive data visualizations; the ability to easily personalize fields and deliver reporting for their entire training ecosystem, including partners, affiliates, and resellers, giving customers greater control over program performance; and a way to share and communicate results throughout the organization.

The new Reporting Hub was built to

  • deliver an intuitive, highly visual, and personalized experience to more easily monitor and measure learning program performance from content usage, learner engagement, revenue, and more
  • empower customers to select, favorite, customize, and prioritize metrics most critical by role to help them meet program goals and make informed program decisions
  • drive business growth through more timely, accurate insights and executive dashboards into learning program strategy, planning, and budgets.

"Providing our customers the data and analytics they need to quickly and efficiently make learning program and business decisions is our number one priority with Reporting Hub," said Todd Boes, Chief Product Officer, Thought Industries. "Built on a foundation of modern, highly scalable data and business intelligence technologies, Reporting Hub provides our customers with the peace of mind that their learning data will always be accurate, timely, and at their fingertips when they need it."

Reporting Hub is available immediately on the Thought Industries platform. Contact sales for further details.