Avon Partners with Thrive to Empower Knowledge Sharing

London (UK), March 2024 - Using Thrive's AI-powered platform, Avon will deliver an efficient learning platform to increase revenue, drive client retention rates, and enhance the performance of their worldwide sales reps across 33+ countries. Thrive Learning, an award-winning and one of the fastest-growing modern-day learning management systems, has secured a partnership with Avon, a global leader in beauty, cosmetics, and personal care products.

As a global entity, Avon approached Thrive with the challenge of creating one digital hub that would unify its millions of members - regardless of location, language, or culture - and align their learning culture. Thrive will be rolled out to millions of representatives, sales leaders, and zone managers across Avon's brand in 33+ countries from March 2024.

An all-in-one learning platform for millions of global Avon representatives, Thrive's award-winning all-in-one learning platform will provide an innovative solution for Avon's reps of professionals and beauty bosses. This will allow them to access a range of high-quality educational product resources, interactive training modules, and professional development courses, as well as be a hub for general company information, including (but not limited to) new and existing product ranges.

By having such a robust central platform as part of their support package, members of the Avon rep community are in control of their own business. Thrive will empower people to take control of how quickly they scale and grow, depending on personal circumstances - whether being an Avon Rep to support their young family or to remain busy during retirement.  By utilising the personalised learning pathways, Avon can empower everyone to take control of their growth journey and be prepared for critical sales moments.

The platform provides a multi-lingual solution for Avon, and the company’s primary objective was to offer flexibility through a user-friendly and multilingual learning platform that could prove business impact. Being able to create a resource that can support both self-employed and employed associates at scale, social knowledge sharing, and a variety of languages was of the utmost importance.

Thrive provides an on-demand platform accessible from any device and location around the world, enabling representatives to stay connected, keep up to date on company developments, access the necessary tools and resources to increase sales, obtain vital product information, and develop a thriving business.

By offering a comprehensive solution, Thrive can support Avon team members, regardless of their situation, location, or requirements. 

Through Thrive's customised skill development features, Avon can strategically invest in their representatives by leveraging interactive and immersive learning tools that excel and enhance the performance in their role.

Avon's sales leaders will also be equipped with the necessary tools to master the art of coaching and mentoring for their team, providing them with the essential guidance, support, and inspiration to succeed. With personalised skills and goals features, employees can effortlessly establish goals, connect with suitable subject matter experts, and enhance their knowledge to bolster team skills. By instilling confidence through tailored insights and guidance aimed at boosting sales, teams can seize new opportunities and progress during their career at Avon.

Sean Reddington, CEO and Founder of Thrive, says, "This partnership with Avon is such an exciting journey for us. With an aligned approach to learning globally, Avon is going to be able to foster a robust development culture across the world that's dedicated to improving business performance, sales rep confidence, and client retention, which is what we do best at Thrive - it's all about impact.

Having worked with a growing number of global enterprise customers like Avon in the last few years, we know Thrive is going to make a difference to their millions of end users, and we're just so thrilled to be on their side as a trusted partner, helping them to achieve big things." 

Sam Walpole, Global Head of Training at Avon, says, "Our mission was to implement an easy-to-navigate system for each of our global representatives. As we cannot have all of our reps in one place physically, we looked to find a digital hub for everyone to turn to for important documents, resources, and company information.

Using Thrive's platform will allow us to create a unified business regardless of role and increase engagement and connection. We are very excited to get started and bring together our millions of reps from around the globe."

The partnership with Avon will expand Thrive's list of clients who have invested in their employees to create a unified learning approach, including NAOS, Ted Baker, Beauty Works, FatFace, The Ordinary, Reiss, and many more.