Global Distribution

Cegos Forms International Partnership with EdCast

Paris (F), November 2018 - Cegos, a worldwide leader in training and development, and EdCast, an AI-powered knowledge cloud solution for enterprise-wide unified discovery and knowledge management, have signed a global distribution partnership agreement.

Under this partnership with Cegos, EdCast’s customers will now have access to the Cegos catalogue on soft skills localized in nineteen languages. This premium content will be available to EdCast’s customers on a global basis through EdCast’s Content Exchange, the leading marketplace for knowledge and learning to upskill the global enterprise workforce.

EdCast, known for its award-winning AI-driven knowledge cloud and learning experience platform (LXP), focuses on unified discovery, knowledge management, and personalized learning. Launched this past year, the ContentExchange now includes Cegos, among other worldwide digital learning leaders.

The ContentExchange is on pace to offer the world’s most comprehensive marketplace for learning content, tools, and expert knowledge, making learning part of the flow of work for organizations around the world. ContentExchange members benefit from a unique learning experience as a result of optimized content delivered by an advanced AI infrastructure for personalized, automatically delivered materials to maximize relevance and timeliness for each individual user.

The Cegos Group deploys a global offering, including turnkey and tailored training and development, operational consultancy, digital learning, managed training services, international training projects, and certificate or diploma courses. Running its own operations in eleven European, Asian, and Latin American countries, Cegos is also active in over fifty countries through its network of partners and distributors, which are all leading eLearning solutions providers. Thanks to this network, its Catalogue on Soft Skills has 2.5 million of learners per year.

Pascal Debordes, head of Channels and Alliances at Cegos Group, adds, "The value of readily available job-specific content and learning is more important than ever for growing organizations. We are proud to be one of EdCast’s ContentExchange partners, making our unique collection of content available to the marketplace, so we can continue to provide innovative solutions to exceed corporate learning needs."

Karl Mehta, Founder and CEO of EdCast, says, "Partnering with industry leaders like Cegos Group for our ContentExchange will enhance our marketplace for leading global organizations to upskill their team members, allowing them to most effectively discover the right content and learning materials to fuel their growth."