Digitalizing Corporate Learning

Combination of IoT, Education Content and Gamification

Dresden (GER), June 2018 - SupraTix GmbH, a startup founded in Dresden in 2016, is developing a hybrid solution for corporate learning. The corporate routine is becoming more digitalized and connected. Companies are looking for new forms to attract, motivate and involve their workforce in a learning process. The aim of the hybrid solution is to raise employees’ internal motivation to reach learning goals.



The solution is that training content and purposes ingeniously penetrate the everyday routine in order to provide a long-term insight into a topic learnt. The employee gets into the topic "by doing", while the learning process is under the radar. The hybrid solution consists of four blocks creating a virtual world where twenty-minute multimedia microlearning modules, awards (including serious games), and a personal IoT button are connected. The IoT button can receive employee interaction and provide feedback.