simpleshow's Simplifier

Content to Video with a Click

Berlin (GER), March 2024 - The explainer video platform simpleshow is known for the simple creation of explainer videos powered by AI. With the latest upgrade, the Simplifier, users can effortlessly transform diverse content types - documents, presentations, lengthy text, videos, and images - into concise, impactful explainer videos.

With the overabundance of information in today's business world, effective communication continues to be a significant challenge for businesses. The Simplifier addresses this by enabling the seamless transition of complex content into easy-to-digest videos.

The video creation process is streamlined and significantly accelerated by the intelligent technology stack and fully automated process. The key information of information-rich documents is extracted and used to create an effective explainer video script which is then automatically transformed into a fully animated video. This digestible format is proven to significantly enhance comprehension and information retention among viewers.

Karsten Böhrs, Chief Executive Officer of simpleshow, explains, "In this ever-evolving digital landscape, the demand for effective communication continues to grow. Simplifying complex information is key to improving how information is received. By empowering businesses to simplify their messages using video, communication becomes not only efficient but also remarkably effective. With the introduction of the Simplifier, this process has never been more straightforward, offering a seamless solution to transform information into compelling videos quickly and easily."

simpleshow's previously launched feature of automatic script generation (Story Generator) allowed users to create video scripts by just answering a few questions. Now the Simplifier enables businesses with existing content to automatically generate video scripts with little to no additional input. Appealing to both situations makes video creation easy for enterprise users across departments and industries.